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HDMI Matrices With Cloud Monitoring

Specifically designed to allow installers to remotely monitor and diagnose any problems with the matrix and associated cabling, these Pulse-Eight HDMI Matrices offer state of the art cloud monitoring (a free of charge service with every matrix).

The condition of the attached cables can be assessed including cable length detection, continuity testing, and even signal to noise ratio readings in real time! All this information will save YOU many unnecessary call-outs to end-user sites.

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It's important that your customer gets video all the time, to help you deliver this every Pulse-Eight neo professional matrix keeps in contact with the Pulse-Eight cloud management service. You can tell if this is working with the Monitored LED on the front of the matrix. If there is a problem, your installer or the end user can log into a cloud portal and see helpful diagnosis information, fix problems remotely or tell you where you may have gone wrong in the installation. All of this is free of charge. If neo has a problem, the manufacturer (Pulse-Eight) gets alerted too and they can get in contact to arrange a hardware replacement or give you a step by step guide to get you up and running again.